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Repair of Devon barn reveals early shippon floor

— 05 Jul 2022


The corrugated tin roof covering probably replaced earlier thatch


The 18th Century stable was repaired with earth mortar pointing


A sand / lime mix was used for the external pointing mortar


The repairs have enabled continued long term use of the barns


The early shippon floor was revealed after the concrete floor and milking stalls were removed

1226L Devon barn repair 3

Jonathan Rhind Architects conducted management plans for 19 traditional agricultural buildings, as part of The Historic Building Restoration Grant, and the owner of these barns near Tavistock was successful in their application for a grant to restore the buildings.

The two storey 18th Century stable was previously in very poor condition. A section of the internal face of the stonework wall had collapsed taking a large part of the floor with it, and the roof was in very poor condition.

The floor was repaired - joists and boards were replaced and limewashed; the asbestos cement roof tiles were removed and replaced with Welsh slate; and projecting eaves to throw water clear of the walls were reinstated as per the original detail since there is no guttering.

Earth mortars using lime and subsoil from the farm were used for the bedding and deep pointing mortar, and a sand / lime mix was used for the external pointing mortar.

The attached single storey cattle shed is possibly 17th Century with granite rubble walls, simple rough roof trusses and a corrugated tin roof covering probably replacing original thatch.

During repair, the concrete floor and milking stalls were broken out and removed revealing a very early shippon floor with intact manger and dung channel.

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