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Technical blog: which consultants could I need for my building project?

— 22 May 2019 by Mark Raby


A Land and building surveyor for measured drawings of existing buildings and your site.


Ecological surveys and European Protected Species Licenses (EPSL). Image Ref: Richard Green Ecology


Structural Engineer for structural design and calculations


Quantity Surveyor for budgets and cost monitoring during construction


Services engineer for mechanical & electrical etc. design

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The various consultants or ‘project team’ that are required will vary depending on the scope and complexity of your project. 

Many of our projects involve existing buildings that are listed and the following consultants are usually required:-

  • Land and building surveyor
    Surveys and prepares measured drawings of existing buildings and your site.
  • Archaeologist/building historian
    Researches information from archives and databases and surveys the historic fabric. With specialist knowledge prepares reports on the history, phasing and historic / architectural / social significance  of the building or complex.
  • Ecological consultant
    Surveys your site and buildings for evidence of protected species and prepares reports for planning.  Often European Protected Species Licenses (EPSL) are required for species such as bats and can have the greatest impact on the timing of the works.
  • Structural engineer
    Provides structural design input and prepares structural designs and calculations.

Larger and more complex projects may involve the above and the following consultants: -

  • Landscape architect
    Where the existing landscape or your new brief is of sufficient complexity you may want to employ this specialist to prepare landscape designs and specifications. 
  • Quantity surveyor
    For smaller projects we are able to advise on budget costs from previous experience and based on £/sqm rates. A Quantity Surveyor may be required for larger or more complex projects to prepare cost plans and assist with valuations during a contract.
  • Services engineer
    Designs and specifies drainage, plumbing, heating, electrical, ventilation services etc. for your building. 
  • Lighting consultant
    Specialist advice on design LUX levels, products, fittings, controls etc.
  • Energy consultant/SAP adviser
    Models and calculates energy use and carbon emissions of your building where this is required by building control, this may be a SAP, SBEM or EPC calculation. 
  • CDM consultant
    Usually we will act as ‘Principle Designer’ where we are overseeing a project on site.  For very complex construction projects you may wish to appoint an independent consultant to act on your behalf.  
  • Hydrologist
    Flood risk assessments using climate and site specific data and hydrological modelling and mapping for flood risk avoidance or mitigation strategy.  
  • Planning consultant
    For projects with complex planning issues, a planning consultant can advise on the best planning approach to achieve the desired planning permission and assist with planning policy, obligations, appeals etc.

The key thing for your project is to understand which consultants you need and at what stage in the project, so specialist input and information can be timed appropriately. 

We can advise you which consultants are required for your project, arrange competitive quotations and liaise with other members of the ‘project team’. Call us or email here if you want to discuss your project.

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