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Summerhouse embraces autumn

— 21 Nov 2018

Summerhouse architecture listed japanese influence Large

Following a recent visit to a clients’ Gloucestershire property to undertake some preliminary work for a new project, we had the opportunity to see how the summerhouse we created for them last year had weathered into its environment. The Japanese influenced building sits in the far corner of the curtilage garden, somewhere for the family to spend time together, relax and socialise and also a home office, away from the listed, Regency, main house.

The building was designed to weather, and colours blend into the mature trees behind, softening the bold design. As the seasons change so do the views to the summerhouse through the gardens which have been planted to create a spectacular variety of settings throughout the year.

The materials used in the detailing include coarse natural roof slates, copper, ridge and hip cappings and rainwater goods, which oxidise to a deeper richer brown before the familiar blue/green patina will gradually develop over next 20 years. See our CPD blog for more information on copper in architecture.

The oak board cladding has already begun to darken, and will then mature into a mellow silver/grey Take a look at our projects page to see similar projects we have worked on.

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