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Repairs to former mining building underway

— 23 Jun 2020

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Repair work has started on a former mining building from 1854 on the open moor above Tavistock. The work is part of a Natural England/DEFRA grant scheme to retain unlisted traditional buildings in National Parks, which Jonathan Rhind Architects began working on in 2018. Having produced management plans to identify the scope of repair works for the buildings, and successfully applied for grants, the work is now going ahead.

The work to this former mining building includes re-nailing the slate roof, repair and repointing rubble masonry and installing below ground drainage where water run-off from the roof has softened the ground below the foundations and caused the walls to move outwards.

If you would like to discuss your farm building with a member of our team, please contact us. We can advise on available grants, discuss options for repairs and conservation or explore potential for reuse.

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