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New modern house in North Devon is complete.

— 20 Jul 2016


Completed house


Kitchen/dining/sitting room


Stair and balcony detail


The original bungalow

Square image2

Views out through windows and glass balustrade.

The owners have just moved in to a new house overlooking Braunton Burrows and the whole of Bideford Bay to Hartland Point. An original 1970’s Woolaway Bungalow was demolished to ground level, and new highly insulated, sustainable, modern two storey house was built on the same footprint and using the same services.

The house has a stunning kitchen/dining/sitting room with principal bedroom suite facing the view, with a balcony the full length of the house. Entrance hall, other bedrooms and utilities are at ground floor level and open out onto the lawn.

Built in PV solar panels provide electricity and background heat, and are in the same colour and plane as the slate roof. Demolition to ground level and rebuilding in two storeys saved money on the foundations and VAT as it was treated as a new dwelling for VAT purposes.

Internal finishes are simple but very modern and easily maintained.

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