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Life in a Class Q barn conversion

— 23 Sep 2020

barn conversion devon landscaping

Life in a Class Q barn conversion. What a difference a couple of years makes. At Jonathan Rhind Architects we love seeing how the projects we have worked on have fared with the passage of time. This can not only help to inform future projects but also ensures that the design and conservation work we are doing is long lasting and appropriate for the landscape and environment.

This barn conversion was completed in 2018 under Class Q legislation, and adapting it from agricultural use to being a family home has rooted it even more firmly in the landscape. The larch cladding has gained a silvery tone, while reflecting the rich orange hues of a late summer sunset. Clever planting creates a wonderful juxtaposition of willowy grasses and tousled flowers against the hard lines of the barn; and the brick terrace creates a simple yet effective connection between the interior and exterior of the house taking the living space seamlessly into the landscape.

The clients, an illustrator and a photographer are delighted with the lifestyle that their country home affords them and their young family; and with the new normal necessitating an ever increasing work force working from home, never has the comfort, functionality and beauty of home been so important.

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