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JRA Conservation Team – integrating the new

— 08 Sep 2021


A contemporary take on a medieval map room by Andy Hedger


A walled garden surrounded by raised walkways by Andy Hedger


Twearly’s individual Workshop Section and Ground Floor Plan for the Design and Construction School


Hylkysaari Marine Pilot Barracks - Exploded Iso by Twearly


Display Stand, Design and Construction School model and metal boy all by Twearly Peaster

Design and Construction School Model square Large

We are delighted to welcome several new faces to the Jonathan Rhind Architects team.

Twearly Peaster has joined as a Part I Architectural Assistant; whilst Andy Hedger recently joined the team as a Part II Architectural Assistant; also, Evie Burrows joins us as an apprentice.  

Twearly, joining our Taunton studio, grew up in the Quantocks, so is familiar with local vernacular architecture. Having completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Bath she also studied in Finland, before joining Jonathan Rhind Architects this summer.

Her dissertation explored the decline of public sector architecture and the potential of its revival to improve the quality of the current housing stock being built. Twearly is drawn to architecture which is humble in its scale, materiality and use.

Twearly has a daughter called Ruby, and a rescue cat called Hades. Outside of work, she likes to make quilts, garden and printmaking or anything sculptural, as well as being an avid reader and low-key modern classics hoarder.

Andy, joining our Devon studio, started his working life as an Engineer, and was inspired to work with buildings after travelling through Europe and Asia and becoming fascinated with vernacular architecture.

He recently achieved a distinction in his masters degree in sustainable architecture at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, which included hands-on building experience working with a wide range of natural building materials including unfired earth, hemp and straw. The final design project of his degree looked to utilise a disused medieval gatehouse as a place of respite for the transient communities who frequently pass it by.

Andy joined Jonathan Rhind Architects in August and has swapped living on a Dutch barge in and around London for life on land in rural Devon. He is hoping to take up sailing and explore some of the beautiful local coastline.

Evie also joined our Devon office in recent months as an apprentice.

Having completed her A-Levels, she is undertaking her architecture degree at the University of Portsmouth on a part time basis. Since joining, she has delved straight into drawing plans and elevations for works to a Grade I listed country house in Devon. Evie is interested in the appearance of older buildings and how they can be saved and adapted for modern use.

Outside of work Evie enjoys drawing portraits and reading historical fiction.

Welcome to Jonathan Rhind Architects, Twearly, Andy and Evie!

If you are interested in joining the Jonathan Rhind Architects team, please have a look at our recruitment page for current positions.


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