Jonathan Rhind Architects have just released tenders for several interesting projects

  • Masonry work will include repairs to tracery around windows. Stone cusps will be repaired with new stone carving

    church windows
  • The holiday home has been neglected for several years

    holiday home neglected
  • Proposed alterations and timber clad extension

    holiday home elevation2
  • The view from the new extension

    holiday home view
  • The substantial cob barn

    cob barn
  • The cob barn will be linked to the main farmhouse with a glass and zinc link

    cob barn link


These reflect Jonathan Rhind Architects’ current varied work load.

The first is a Grade I listed Church in East Devon which requires extensive repairs to the rainwater/drainage system, including repair to fallen guttering, replacement of rainwater goods, new gulleys, drains and soakaways. There are also masonry repairs to door surrounds, stonework and tracery, as well as underpinning works to the walls.

The tenders have been sent out to specialist contractors who have the expertise to provide cost effective, sensitive and appropriate repairs in a timely manner.

The second is a cob barn, which requires extensive repair and rebuilding to convert it into an extension for the adjacent farmhouse. To link the farmhouse with the barn a new glass and zinc link building will be built. The repairs will include reinstating the thatched roof and repairs to the cob. Please check back for more updates on this exciting project.

The third project is the renovation and extension of a secluded holiday home in a walled garden. Jonathan Rhind Architects have prepared a design and schedule of repairs that retain the quaint charm that originally impressed the client to buy the property and deals sympathetically with its historic setting.

Works will include an extension to the sitting room clad in timber which will take full advantage of the southern aspect. The work is planned for this summer and we hope to post more updates on progress soon.

Jonathan Rhind Architects specialise in historic buildings, conservation and re-use often for difficult or controversial sites in the southwest. If you have a project that you think we can help with, please contact one of our architects.