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Good luck to our Architects in training

— 12 Aug 2021


J with contractor Andy Cripps at a North Devon barn


Elevations drawn by J for the Devon barn conversion


Concept sketch by J


Concept sketch by J


Plans for the Woolsery project on which J has been working during his time at Jonathan Rhind Architects


Time to admire the view during a site visit

Devon Architect on site with contractor Copy

Anyone considering a career in architecture, will probably already know that qualifying includes periods of practical experience; both after RIBA Part 1 and 2 studies or as an apprenticeship route to progress to full qualification.

It is great to be able offer new talent and aspiring architects the opportunities to learn from the experience of working in a busy practice, as well as benefitting from their fresh ideas and varied skills.

Although we are always sad to see people go, it is rewarding to be able send people off to the next stage of their studies and welcome new faces to continue the cycle.

This summer, we are saying farewell to J, who joined us in spring 2019, as he goes off to Bath University to study a master’s degree in Conservation of Historic Buildings.

J worked closely with Jonathan on the works to Grade I listed Hartland Abbey and he particularly enjoyed visits to site during the stripping of the roof.

Talking about his work he said, ‘Achieving full LBC & planning permission on a number of varied and challenging projects was particularly rewarding.’

Also, moving onto further study in the autumn is Georgia who having joined us at the end of 2019 had a challenging start to her professional career with Covid curtailing her time in the office, but she has addressed all such challenges with aplomb. Talking about her Stage 1 practical placement she said, ‘I have really enjoyed my time with JRA, as my first position out of Uni it was intimidating to come into a professional environment and from the start my colleagues at Rumwell made me feel so welcome and supported.’

She particularly enjoyed working on her first technical packages, which included, notably a very soggy site visit for a topographical survey, as well as construction visits which enabled her to see details she had drawn in CAD constructed. Georgia is continuing her architectural studies by the sea at Brighton University and comments ‘I am really excited for the future and hope to continue working on projects that centre around conservation and the reimagination of existing space.’

Good luck to J and Georgia and we hope to see you both at Jonathan Rhind Architects again.

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