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Get to know your gutters

— 24 Nov 2023


Newly built leaded valley gutter already filled with leaves in less than two months


Wooden boards of valley gutter


The result of not maintaining gutters

1151 Architects gutter maintenance 2023 Large Copy

As it is national gutter day, we wanted to suggest that historic building owners simply ‘get to know their gutters’ - whether it is a valley gutter a back gutter a box gutter, a secret gutter a wooden mediaeval gutter or simply a traditional half round gutter. These all have the potential to block with leaves or organic material, overflow in heavy downpours or need maintaining, refixing and decorating.

We love a good gutter and spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about them designing them and looking at them. Do you know yours?... Get to know your gutters!

We now have office drones and a team of drone pilots, and can provide footage and advice on how to look after your roof and gutters. This means you can stop worrying about leaks and focus instead on enjoying living in your historic home.

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