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Exmouth Jubilee Clock

— 25 Nov 2019


Exmouth’s Jubilee clock’s prominent position on the Esplanade leaves it exposed to salt laden winds


Water has penetrated the interior of the clock face and the stonework structure

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The Jubilee Clock Tower is in the centre of Broad Esplanade at Exmouth. Built in 1897, it is one of many clock towers around the country built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

It is particularly exposed to the weather and salt laden winds south and west and especially from the sea only 20 metres away. This has eroded some of the limestone decoration dressings, rusted cast iron cramps within the stonework structure and penetrated the four cast iron and glass clock faces, affecting the interior and clock mechanism.

Jonathan Rhind Architects carried out a detailed inspection to identify areas where the water was getting in and prepare a report on condition, recommendations for works to overcome the problem, budget, programme and possible sources of grant.

Jonathan Rhind Architects have just been instructed to specify repairs, obtain prices and supervise the works to be carried out in 2020.

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