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Do you have Bats in your belfry?

— 06 Feb 2024


Bat loft design for barn on site of barn conversion


Bat roost solutions on Manor roof


Barn owl box in historic Dartmoor barn


Bat access solutions

Ecology Architects Somerset bat solutions thumbnail

Numerous laws exist to protect endangered species and habitats in the UK. If you are considering a building project, you will need to meet the planning requirements for protected species.

Ecological surveys will provide information about the presence of protected species and the impact of proposed work, as well as mitigation strategies to ensure a successful planning application.

Considerations include impacts of lighting, construction works, noise and habitat loss, and can apply in both urban and rural settings.

As conservation Architects, we understand the requirements for ecological assessments, and work with  ecologists to establish the presence of protected species and the mitigation measures required. We can then design bespoke solutions to enable planning permission.  

Requirements for ecology reports often involves churches, barn conversions, listed buildings, extensions and new builds, and can involve protected species such as bats, barn owls and dormice.

If you are concerned about creatures in crevices affecting your building project, we will liaise with ecologists and design solutions to ensure you have the correct permissions in place to undertake your project.

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