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DAC grants available for Net Zero and Minor Repairs

— 30 May 2024

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Several members of our team recently attended the very informative Exeter Diocese Architects' training day, during which one of the items discussed was the availability of various grants for local churches.

The Exeter Diocese website is a useful resource for information about the available grants, but we have summarised below two grants which are easily accessible and provide funds quickly to achieve small scale decarbonisation improvements such as:

  • Led lighting
  • Localised heating
  • Draught proofing
  • Solar PV
  • Air source heat pumps

Quick Wins grants
Helping churches on the path to net zero

The Church of England has set a target of 2030 to achieve Net Zero Carbon. To help accomplish this, funds have been made available for churches to begin the process of reducing their carbon footprint.

Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) can apply to the Diocese of Exeter for a Quick Wins grant, which will provide up to £5,000 for churches to improve their energy efficiency. This could include; under pew heaters, upgrades to electricity supply, LED lighting or insulation. Works must be completed by 31st December 2025 to be eligible.

There is also practical support to help PCCs achieve the church’s net zero aims, such as subsidised energy audits and an online energy footprint tool.

Minor Repairs and Improvement Grants

Grants are also available to support parishes with essential repairs, such as roof works, or above ground drainage, which urgently require attention. There is up to £10,000 for listed (VAT claimable) or £12,000 for non-listed churches. Again, there is a time limit for work to be completed of whichever is soonest; either a year from the offer date or by 31st December 2025. The grant is aimed at supporting the churches most in need and initially will be made available to churches in the most deprived parishes. The grant will then extend to other churches.

The Exeter Diocese website is a useful resource for information about these and other sources of funding for building works, and is a great place to start on your churches journey to net zero.

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