Celebration service held at restored Church

  • The Rt Rev Peter Hancock, Bishop of Bath and Wells and Reverend Webber outside Christ Church following the celebration service. Reverend Webber had blessed the newly gilded cockerel after it was returned to its position at the top of the spire.

    Christ Church conservation cockerell
  • Director Julian Clayton and George Hael of Wells Cathedral Stonemasons were invited to the service. Pictured here with the Rt Rev Peter Hancock and some of the many parishioners who attended the service

    Christ Church Montpelier service cake cutting
  • Reverend Webber with the refurbished cockerel weathervane

    Christ Church conservation cockerell weathervane Large
  • Before, during and after cleaning of pollution staining on the sandstone

    Christ Church conservation sandstone cleaning
  • Stone repairs to damaged tracery

    Christ Church conservation window tracery
  • Renewal of rusted metalwork and replacement of sections of weathered stone on the spire

    Christ Church conservation weathered stone
  • The magnificent views from the top of spire

    Christ Church conservation view Large

Christ Church Montpelier outside Church

A service has been held at the Grade II listed Christ Church in Weston-super-Mare to celebrate the completion of the essential repair work which was part funded by an HLF grant and has restored the much-loved Church to its former glory.

Director and Architect Julian Clayton who lead the project on behalf of Jonathan Rhind Architects attended the ceremony along with George Hael from Wells Cathedral Stonemasons, who undertook the specialist masonry repairs.

Lead by Reverend Tom Webber with Rt Rev Peter Hancock, Bishop of Bath and Wells, the service offered thanks to the congregation for their support and patience during the works, and celebrated securing the future of the Church for the continued use of the community.

Earlier in the year, while the scaffolding was still in place Reverend Webber blessed the newly repaired and regilded golden cockerel weathervane which adorns the top of the spire.

The tower and spire both required significant specialist stone works to repair defects which have arisen because of the harsh marine environment. This included replacement of corroded ferrous metalwork, cleaning off plant growth, mortar repointing and stone repairs.

Now that the works are complete the Church can continue to form a focus for the many community groups for whom the Church is an essential and much loved space.

Jonathan Rhind Architects acted as contract administrators for the works, as well as preparing working drawings, schedules and tender documents. Julian Clayton said ‘It was wonderful to be invited to attend this service of celebration, and to see the culmination of months of hard work. Now the works are complete the church can continue to hold its position at the heart of the community for many years to come.’

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