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Architects and technical staff at the EASE building site

— 16 Sep 2020

modern contemporary house devon stairwell

We were invited by the contractors - EASE  to look at their work in progress to assess their capabilities as project managers/lead contractors for future work with us - looking at the technical and co-ordination issues demanding the highest standards of workmanship for modern detailing and finishes.

The scheme is a cutting edge, modern design by Coffey Architects - on a difficult site perched above the rocks at Morthoe – with challenging conditions – 100m vertically and horizontally from the North Atlantic, with deep excavations and retaining walls in alternately crumbling and very hard North Devon sandstone and slate.

The house has large areas of glass facing the with stupendous views over the sea and coast, and large horizontal rooflights, demanding finishes of unpainted, sprayed render, polished concrete and bleached ash floors and woodwork and difficult details with narrow shadow gaps or crisp tapered edges.

If you have a project like this in mind, please get in touch.

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