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Carbon audit for Somerset office

— 26 Nov 2019


Jonathan Rhind Architects’ Taunton office has recently undertaken a carbon audit to ascertain the CO2 emissions produced by our Somerset branch over the last year.

In order to offset the carbon produced by the office we have signed up to a scheme of tree planting in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya and the Amazon basin.

As a company we are aware that carbon offsetting alone by planting does not solve the growing climate crisis which we are currently facing. This is mainly due to the fact that it will take 30 years for these trees to sequester our carbon. These are the first steps of a journey which we are embarking on to reduce our carbon footprint.

This audit helps us to understand where the carbon we produce is coming from, and it is revealing that approx. 90% of our carbon emissions came from car use. We can now focus on trying to reduce the number of car journeys we make, using more public transport and car sharing where possible, as well as looking at the efficiency of our company cars. 

We will be undertaking the same process in our Devon office so that as a practice we are more aware of the impact we are having on the environment and can implement more sustainable practices for the company.


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